YouTube Embed Code check


First one is embed code, second is just YouTube share code:

Looks fine on YouTube but not on this page: bottom right


Updated 6 other thumbnails and they are fine.

This Frank F one initially updated on the website and then reverted after we did the other updates.

For Frank F – the difference between this custom thumbnail and the other seven that were added afterwards for:
Lisa, Val, Jill, Bennett, Karen, Marianne, Nicki
is that for these seven they were “saved for the web” at 179KB to 300 KB
Frank F was saved to 98 KB by a different PhotoShop person. I am asking further into what he did and will get the thumbnail redone.

I didn’t change anything on the website. Just YouTube.
This Beaver Builder interface is using the YouTube share code.

It was a cache issue. Solved for Frank F.

There is one other – Frank L. that I chose a better thumbnail from the default 3 choices – that is correct on YouTube but also reverted on the website after being correct.
Not solved yet.
Looks fine on YouTube: