The Phoenix

There is a phoenix within us all
that calls from the depths of our being
when we listen
we hear
continue on
physical limitations are but an invitation
to another route
for there are many roads to the mountain top
so let not the mind slumber in the past but awaken to new frontiers of enlightenment
and if the body falters
strengthen the spirit
and behold the feelings of despair will burn away
and out of the ashes the phoenix
will ascend
to carry you to a world of splendor
where knowledge, beauty and job reside
so make haste
the royal bird readies itself for flights to heights you never dreamed of

published in: Innerself 1994 and – FrontLine


  1. I think my heart just stopped my nephew took his life on dec. 12 th 2010 same day you posted this. His brother found him who happens to be named Phoenix can I buy a copy?.

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