The Kiss

You placed a kiss in the palm
of your hand
and blew it towards me
it gathered into a fine mist
then descended into my heart
when its journey was through
the soul looked up
and said thank you

published in: Innerself and – Frontline


  1. Donna DeGeorge says

    Dear Howard,
    We’ve been out of touch way too long. Hope you are continuing to thrive. I noticed that your daughter was trying to find me on facebook and when I went back to try to respond to her the message was gone and I can’t figure out what happened or how to get in touch so I just googled you. Hope this is still an active site and you are well. Your work on aging and retirement is becoming more relelvant to my own life these days as I find my balance between my professional life and my vagabonding.

    Here’s hoping to hear from you . You can also find me on facebook.
    Fond regards,

    • howard salzman says

      One word captures a lot of movement – Vagabonding – to where and in the where you find the why which will tell me more about you than all the who am I’s.

      Age takes its toll but doing well medically and learning along the way. Sorry for the delay but out of internet reach for awhile. Have picture of Erwin—-can send you with address .

      miss you

  2. Fran Schmidt says

    I’m going through my files and found three books of poetry that you wrote. Each one is precious. It brings back many memories of things we did together. – Being on a radio program, trip to Holland. and meeting your students.

    How are things with you? Still busy?
    Send me your phone number, I would love to say “hello.”
    Peace, Fran

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