The Living Torah

At times the teaching of the Torah can be like words in the wind that drift before you and then are gone. But one moment in a home that lives by the teachings of the Torah remain in your mind for a lifetime. … [Continue reading]

Inner Voice

When all have forsaken you and there is no one there a voice will come to your inner ear and say: I am here! You may deny Him, my friend, but in the end you will be close to Him for He is patient. … [Continue reading]

How Old Are You?

I watched a boy on a bicycle stop and question a retarded child How old are you? Nine he replied. What grade are you in? Two, he answered. As he rode avay I heard him say "poor thing". … [Continue reading]

Hands of Prayer

Behold the hands of prayer that Rodin placed so beautifully together their strength their form their force within these hands the heart speaks the soul responds and the spirit ascends into the heavens. … [Continue reading]

Galloping Words

Along the ridges of my mind fantasy slips into a dark corral to seize some spirited mare stampede realities ground. I know not what figure rides the angry steed nor caprice to stir her on I will not grab her slashing neck nor funnel her … [Continue reading]


Somewhere in the night a man cries out for help it echoes from wall to wall and hangs in the darkness. Somewhere in the night a man returns to Vietnam and a battle explodes in his head. Somewhere in the night a man hurls himself against … [Continue reading]

A Few Dimes

The light turned red and there appeared a man of despair a few dimes placed in his hand brought forth thank you and God bless you. How strange we journey to strange lands in search of the sacred when a pilgrimage through the streets of … [Continue reading]

The Eyes Of A Child

Behold the eyes of a child. If you look closely you will see a parade of faces move before you children of the world encircling the globe each one as precious as the other color, culture, nor religion cannot separate one from another. If … [Continue reading]


Mountains may proclaim His presence in their awe but the everglades reveal His presence in patience. … [Continue reading]

The Endless Void

With heightened highs our spirit rides the galaxies our minds the charioteers tuned into the harmonics of the spheres our senses span the endless void no instruments to regulate our flight thru space stopped in time we transcend the fallacies … [Continue reading]