Spiritual Aphorisms by Howard Salzman

Do not look for a map to paradise
For he who makes the divine journey
Is his own mapmaker.

The truth will not always set you free
But can entrap you and subject you to untold misery,
For to know the truth and be impotent before it
Is to be immersed in the fires of hell.

There is a similarity between sexual passion and celibacy.
One is untamed, physical and fleeting,
The other sustained and spiritual;
In one you become one with another,
The other you become one with the All.

When knowledge of God precedes faith,
Faith is sure to follow.

As the soul ascends,
Arrogance descends.

Immanence and transcendence
Theological terminology
That can obscure
Rather than clarify
The presence of the Divine.

Beware of spiritual systems
And techniques
That can carry you away
From the divine.

The spiritual path
Is a journey to your true identity
Do not let another’s profile
Be superimposed on you

He who beholds a single leaf in the sunlight
For its sacredness
Will behold the inner light
In the darkness

God loves me
But sometimes
He is not happy with me.

Do not clutter the passageway to the Divine
With intellectual debris.

When we fail to have mercy on ourselves
We cry out in anguish
“God have mercy on me.”

Thinking can take you into a thousand different directions
But prayer can take you into only one
When you become one with the Lord.

God’s will
Is a mystery that unfolds in time
WHen all the pieces assemble
To fulfill the divine design.
A journey not for self-glory
But for the glory of God.

The devil wants to dance in your soul
So invite him in
With your anger and your hate
And prepare a table
Of greed, envy and prid
And God will hide from your presence.