A butterfly brushed across my hand
ever so gently
Then he was gone
all that was left
was a smile that lingered awhile.

The Birds

You gathered from all the corners of the Everglades,
Coming one by one,
then in clusters.
The horizons filled and darkened with your presence.
What was the mystery of your flight
that brought you in full frenzy to encircle us?
What was your message?


To think of beauty
is to intellectualize it into fragments.
To be aware of beauty
is to see it in its entirety.
To meditate on beauty
is to be one with its splendor.

Beautiful Words

I met a man who spoke of beautiful things
his mouth was filled with words like
kindness and
but when the words subsided
I could hear the violence
stirring within him.

The Articulate Gun

His face has faded away
and all that remains is the memory-
a gun ever so small.
He mumbled something that I could not understand
but the gun was articulate.
There was no hesitation, no heroics.
I handed him the money.
He turned away
and with him
all of my tomorrows
leaving today.


I have heard you speak
with another’s voice.
I have seen your image
with another’s eyes.
When we were alone
the strangers sight was blurred,
his lips were still
and the hand I held was yours.

The Kiss

You placed a kiss in the palm
of your hand
and blew it towards me
it gathered into a fine mist
then descended into my heart
when its journey was through
the soul looked up
and said thank you

published in: Innerself and PBS.org – Frontline


You look at me aged and wrinkled
Do you think you will not be here some day
when others will peer at you and turn away
Today is your tomorrow
and you are me my friend
The only difference is time

published in: Innerself and PBS.or – Frontline


Black single parent
I knew you as a statistic
numbers, percentages
concepts that clouded my mind
but my eyes penetrated the
and I saw your eyes filled with love
for your child.
If violent men would gather and
upon your face
then the hate in their hearts
would give flight
and the hardened fists
would unfold to seek your tender

published in: the Miami Times on August 5, 1993


A body of a thousand lips
I kiss
caressing piece by piece
a thousand lips beneath your skin
cry yes
yes yes
yes yes
ride filly ride
and I sweet friend
will walk in the warm rain of your womb

published in: PBS.org – Frontline