Somewhere in the night
a man cries out for help
it echoes from wall to wall
and hangs in the darkness.

Somewhere in the night
a man returns to Vietnam
and a battle explodes in his head.

Somewhere in the night
a man hurls himself against the enemy
and then retreats into a fetal position.

Somewhere in the night
a man reaches out for help
and is strangled by the umbilical cord of red tape.

A Few Dimes

The light turned red
and there appeared
a man of despair
a few dimes
placed in his hand
brought forth
thank you and
God bless you.

How strange we journey
to strange lands
in search of the sacred
when a pilgrimage
through the streets of our city
can secure blessings from the soul.


Mountains may proclaim His presence
in their awe
but the everglades
reveal His presence in patience.

The Endless Void

With heightened highs
our spirit rides the galaxies
our minds the charioteers
tuned into the harmonics of the spheres
our senses span the endless void
no instruments to regulate our flight thru space
stopped in time
we transcend the fallacies of the mind
and silently streak thru barriers
resonating to an unknown

Eagle of Gold

I have seen your wings flexed in flight
on the lectern of Canterbury
and in the churches of Belgium and France
whose doors have been open
for nine centuries or more
what is the purpose of your presence
are you the courier that streaks between heaven and earth
with a divine message
are you the symbol of the glorious heights
we can attain in the ascent and transcendence of our mortal selves
shall we fear the chariots of fire of Jeremiah
whose horses are swifter than eagles
or shall the voice of Isaiah prevail
as your wings comfort us
and carry us above the clouds of despair
hear me oh royal bird
what is the message
and the mission
of those who would fly like an eagle.


There are many doors to heaven
but beware
the door you open
does not blind you in the dazzling light
and force you to flee
into the arms of insanity.

The Dancing Turtles

A hundred turtles danced on the tip of a pin
no one saw them except him
he laughed and carried on
until they were convinced he was mad
he watched a hundred turtles
dance on the tip of a pin.

The Crow

The crow is brother to the tree
and each is aware of the other’s presence
in a way so alien to the minds of man
that if the secret was revealed
man would go howling through the woods
with the cry of the crow
screaming in pursuit
tis true
tis true
tis true.

Crown Of Thorns

I have seen you ascend
and felt your force
in the wings of the birds in flight.
I have seen the unseen hand reach down
and carry you to unknown heights.
Trust in Him
who carries you through the clouds of unknowing.
Hear His message in silence
as the mystery unfolds
and what was known in ancient times
shall be revealed
in the ascending Crown of Thorns.

The Burning Eye Of The Sun

In clover gowned fields we played
untangling the vines that lay
woven in the grass
creeping after them
we tore their bodies from the ground
and tossed them, moist and cool with life
on a pyre piled high
to die in the burning eye of the sun.