Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No 26

Pride is the enemy of inner peace,
Humility, its friend.

If you have a distorted view of yourself
You will have a distorted view of the world.

The walls of the sanctuary
Have heard your prayers
And each time you return
The prayers accumulate
And are returned to you
When you are unable to pray.

Distinguish between the righteous
And the self-righteous
The righteous judges himself
And the self-righteous judges others.

To rise about it
Is a spiritual statement
To experience it
May elude you a lifetime.

Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No 25

The beauty of the empty mind
is not the absence of thought
but the presence of God.

When you speak about another person
you speak from your perspective
of that person.

He who attempts to understand
the nature of prayer
enters a paradox
for the mind is limited
and God is infinite.

To rise above it
is a spiritual statement,
to experience it
may elude you
for a lifetime.

The more you fabricate
the future in your mind
the more the present
will elude you.

Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No 24

Peace of mind is a paradox
for it is the mind that disrupts our Inner peace.

Loneliness and anger are not strangers to each other.

Internal dialogue creates a ghost
a second person to protect the ego.

The moment we verify something
we call it reality
and that which is not verifiable
is not reality
yet the unverifiable
may be reflections
of the ultimate reality.

What we know
and what we do not know about each other
is bridged by the intuitive Jump.

Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No 23

The umbilical cord is cut at birth
but not the divine connection,
yet we try to return
to the source of our creation.
not realizing that we never left.

The dance of the devil is subtle and elusive
it will appear in a flash
and be gone
leaving no mark or warning.
Be on guard
for evil comes in many ways
at times, is hidden behind the good.

The walls of your church
have heard your prayers
and each time you return
the prayers accumulate
and are returned to you
when you are unable to pray.

He who collapses into himself
experiences the pain of despair
for all he hears
is the cries of his own heart
and the marauding mind
that moves in darkness.

Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No 22

Nature holds mysteries
the scientist searches and says
I see
but he sees only within the parameters
of his own knowledge
while the ultimate source of knowledge
is hidden from the human eye.

We seek serenity
but our environment
is overwhelmed with noise
until the avenues of escape
are blocked one by one
and we become prisoners
of the enemies of silence.

How strange that we gather around
the intellectual elite
in search of enlightenment
when enlightenment
comes from within,
not in collecting brilliant pieces
from another.

The unseen flower in the woods
is a thing of beauty
waiting to be seen
and if unseen is still a thing of beauty,
for beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder
but in the hands of the Creator.

If one is higher
and the other lower
then the lower will prevail
for envy is weighted
with hidden hate
which drags the higher below
the lower one.

Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No 21

When you have lost your last friend
Crawl into your box
And pull the lid down.

When you do not reduce your past to an abstraction
Your past will be a vehicle for change.

Nature will nurture you
So do not hide from it.
Healing will hide from you
If you hide in your room.

Quality of life depends on
the quanity of care
You give to your life.

It is one thing to earn a title
It is another to hide behind the title,
For if you do the title will become a hurdle
Which one must surmount
To communicate with you.

Insight is the light that comes
Out of the darkness
And quietly says “ I see’

If you wait for inspiration to come
You will have a long wait,
For inspiration comes on its own timetable
One that you cannot create.

The magic of music is universal
No culture or country has a monopoly on it.
Communication can contaminate a country for awhile
But eventually the native music will return to its source.

Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No. 20

People seek to understand themselves
and spend a good deal of time
wandering through the endless corridors of the mind.
If only they would spend a little time in the heart
the heart would reveal
what the mind has concealed.

We sometimes hold hate in our hearts for many years
never quite sure why it lingered so long;
if we examined it carefully
we would find that it was due to
a misunderstanding or rejection.

Use books to confirm
what you have learned
and others have learned before you:
that all knowledge has a common core
and once you have made this discovery
all is available to you.

The silent thank you
IS a confirmation of Your presence.

Your awareness comes in bits and pieces
until the spaces in between
are filled with your omnipresence.
Thank you my Lord.

Many a thank you is said in silence.
If you ask for a thank you
You will lose all the thanks
In the thank you

Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No. 19

When you realize you are not separate from the problem
You will resolve the problem.

It is far better to pray
Than to analyze the value of prayer.

He who clamors for attention
Will hear the sound of his own voice
In an endless parade of accolades.

The darkness of the past takes flight
In the light of enlightenment.

When we live for the moment
We fail to live in the moment.

Pride is the enemy of Inner peace
And humility, its friend.

When the mind moves between the past
And the future
It bypasses the present.

Within each voice is an inner voice
That rings true or false
And all the words
Cannot camouflage its Integrity.

We carry our torches and our crosses.

We feed our minds with words
Which are soon forgotten,
But the words of the heart
Retain an afterglow
That feeds the soul.

Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No. 18

When you recognize humility in others
you become aware of its absence in yourself.

We fill our emptiness with the past
only to find
that we would have been better off
to remain empty.

When you understand compassion
you will realize the need for compassion for yourself.

There are those who say “I love you” and they do not.
There are those who do not say “I love you” and they do.

Compassion defuses anger.

Torment for the most part is created by the mind
which is given to gross fabrications.

He who hates
will reap the fury of his own mind.

We are fortunate if we can change ourselves;
the notion that we can change others
is an exercise in vanity.

Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No. 17

Beware of false appetites
for there is pleasure in anticipation
and illusion in fulfillment.

One cannot define beauty with words
for words are not beauty
beauty is beauty.

The beginning of wisdom is the recognition of its absence.

Once you have tasted the nectar of intuitive knowledge
traditional knowledge will be like tepid water.

Distinguish between the righteous
and the self-righteous
the righteous judges himself
and the self-righteous judges others.

May the angels dance in your head.

There is order in nature:
when contemplated,
brings order into our lives.