Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No. 5

A tree does not hold onto a dead leaf
it gives it up without a struggle
but man struggles to hold onto that which is dead
fighting the cycle of life and death.

He who gives glory to himself
shall not know the peace of mind
that is found in the glory of God.

If the heart is filled with worldly things
then the sacred will wrap a veil around the soul.

It is far better to pray
then to speculate on the value of prayer.

Those who lay traps for others
will entrap themselves.

He who clamors for attention
will hear the sound of his own voice
reverberating within
and be deceived by the endless parade of affection

Damn the people
full greed ahead.

Obsessions do not originate within a problem
but in the repetition  of a problem.

Enlightenment is the light between words.

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