Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No. 33

Those who try to impress others
Spend a good deal of time
Trying to impress themselves.

Peace of mind is a paradox
For it is the mind that disrupts our inner peace.

Loneliness and anger are not strangers to each other.

Internal dialogue creates a ghost
A second person to protect the ego.

What we know
And what we do not know about each other
Is bridged by the intuitive jump.

In an ideal learning environment
The teacher often becomes the student
And the student becomes the teacher
This is called the joy of learning.

Do not bother to look at the clock
When you are in a creative mode
For creativity has its own time table,
And if you stop the clock of creativity
Your inner clock will be shattered.

Inertia is often mistaken for endurance.

Anger distorts rational thinking
And from irrational thinking
Comes fury
And from fury comes self-destruction.

In the center is emptiness
And from this emptiness
Comes creation.

The eyes can see a sunset
If you put the sunset into words
The words are not the sunset.

The deeper you see within yourself
The deeper you will see the world around you.

Often, listening to a boring person
Satisfies a need to hear the sound
Of a human voice.

Thinking about exercise expends a good deal of energy,
If we would use this energy in physical exercise
We would be much healthier.

When your friends are reduced to one,
The hermit’s life is sure to come
When the one is reduced to none.

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