Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No 22

Nature holds mysteries
the scientist searches and says
I see
but he sees only within the parameters
of his own knowledge
while the ultimate source of knowledge
is hidden from the human eye.

We seek serenity
but our environment
is overwhelmed with noise
until the avenues of escape
are blocked one by one
and we become prisoners
of the enemies of silence.

How strange that we gather around
the intellectual elite
in search of enlightenment
when enlightenment
comes from within,
not in collecting brilliant pieces
from another.

The unseen flower in the woods
is a thing of beauty
waiting to be seen
and if unseen is still a thing of beauty,
for beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder
but in the hands of the Creator.

If one is higher
and the other lower
then the lower will prevail
for envy is weighted
with hidden hate
which drags the higher below
the lower one.

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