Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No 21

When you have lost your last friend
Crawl into your box
And pull the lid down.

When you do not reduce your past to an abstraction
Your past will be a vehicle for change.

Nature will nurture you
So do not hide from it.
Healing will hide from you
If you hide in your room.

Quality of life depends on
the quanity of care
You give to your life.

It is one thing to earn a title
It is another to hide behind the title,
For if you do the title will become a hurdle
Which one must surmount
To communicate with you.

Insight is the light that comes
Out of the darkness
And quietly says “ I see’

If you wait for inspiration to come
You will have a long wait,
For inspiration comes on its own timetable
One that you cannot create.

The magic of music is universal
No culture or country has a monopoly on it.
Communication can contaminate a country for awhile
But eventually the native music will return to its source.

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