Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No. 20

People seek to understand themselves
and spend a good deal of time
wandering through the endless corridors of the mind.
If only they would spend a little time in the heart
the heart would reveal
what the mind has concealed.

We sometimes hold hate in our hearts for many years
never quite sure why it lingered so long;
if we examined it carefully
we would find that it was due to
a misunderstanding or rejection.

Use books to confirm
what you have learned
and others have learned before you:
that all knowledge has a common core
and once you have made this discovery
all is available to you.

The silent thank you
IS a confirmation of Your presence.

Your awareness comes in bits and pieces
until the spaces in between
are filled with your omnipresence.
Thank you my Lord.

Many a thank you is said in silence.
If you ask for a thank you
You will lose all the thanks
In the thank you

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