Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No. 19

When you realize you are not separate from the problem
You will resolve the problem.

It is far better to pray
Than to analyze the value of prayer.

He who clamors for attention
Will hear the sound of his own voice
In an endless parade of accolades.

The darkness of the past takes flight
In the light of enlightenment.

When we live for the moment
We fail to live in the moment.

Pride is the enemy of Inner peace
And humility, its friend.

When the mind moves between the past
And the future
It bypasses the present.

Within each voice is an inner voice
That rings true or false
And all the words
Cannot camouflage its Integrity.

We carry our torches and our crosses.

We feed our minds with words
Which are soon forgotten,
But the words of the heart
Retain an afterglow
That feeds the soul.

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