Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No. 15

Moods move under their own will
and if you try to hold on to them
they will run away
but if you try to drive them away
they will stay.

The pen writes
and knows not
the nature of its origin.
What comes as gifts
should be accepted with grace.

A single act of love
is more powerful
than all the definitions of love.

The people who know you the most
often know you the least
and those who know you the least
often know you the most.

Whenever you use another person to enhance your image
you diminish yourself.

The man selling newspapers in the middle of the road
often has more class than the man in the classiest car.

Scientists are so busy trying to discover
the secret of the universe
that they fail to realize
beyond the secret is another secret
and another
and another.

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