Aphorisms by Howard Salzman No. 1

As the spirit ascends, arrogance descends.

Our credentials are written in the heart.

Distinguish between inspiration and emulation
it is far better to walk in the Garden of Eden
than to wear the clothes of another man.

We carry our torches and crosses.

Do not ask why a leaf
falls to the ground
for the question will dim
the splendor of the descent.

Vanity assumes that all things can be understood
yet the notion that some things cannot
is beyond our comprehension.

Every time we win an argument in our head
we lose our peace of mind.


  1. Antonia Joy says

    Beautiful words to meditate on.

    • Thank you Antonia!

      And thank you for bringing me to this page to read it again.

      One more thank you… you have been a great support to me since my first yoga session with you and you are primarily responsible for whatever yoga skills I might have.

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