The Man Who Howled At The Moon

There was a man who howled at the moon
the moon looked down and asked
what do you want
the man said
rid me of my madness
and the moon replied
your madness is a myth.


When you fill your loneliness with people
and you feel empty,
perhaps it is your destiny
to be alone
so that you may be filled with God.


We fashion frameworks in our mind
barriers do we build
empirically bound
limiting the limitless
logic draws a continuous line
from the known
while the unknown flees from us in space and time.


To define love is to limit it
to limit love is to control it
to control love is to abuse it
to abuse love is to lose it.

Martin Luther King Jr.

I have lingered in your words
and felt your presence.
How strange that in your
spiritual journey
your enlightenment
became my light
and what truths you carried back
from the mountain top
stand by themselves
words of the spirit
that speak for all mankind
born in the center of the universe
where you touched the divine.

The Living Torah

At times the teaching of the Torah
can be like words in the wind
that drift before you
and then are gone.
But one moment in a home
that lives by the teachings of the Torah
remain in your mind
for a lifetime.

Inner Voice

When all have forsaken you
and there is no one there
a voice will come to your inner ear
and say: I am here!
You may deny Him, my friend,
but in the end
you will be close to Him
for He is patient.

Hands of Prayer

Behold the hands of prayer
that Rodin placed so beautifully together
their strength
their form
their force
within these hands
the heart speaks
the soul responds
and the spirit
ascends into the heavens.

Galloping Words

Along the ridges of my mind
fantasy slips into a dark corral
to seize some spirited mare
stampede realities ground.

I know not what figure
rides the angry steed
nor caprice to stir her on
I will not grab her slashing neck
nor funnel her foul breath
The ride is death.

Strange that you who sired
my psychic seed
should use galloping words
to crush my second birth.


Somewhere in the night
a man cries out for help
it echoes from wall to wall
and hangs in the darkness.

Somewhere in the night
a man returns to Vietnam
and a battle explodes in his head.

Somewhere in the night
a man hurls himself against the enemy
and then retreats into a fetal position.

Somewhere in the night
a man reaches out for help
and is strangled by the umbilical cord of red tape.